Canadian Albums of 2009 #21-#30

Here is #21-#30 of my picks of the Canadian albums of 2009.

  1. Get Guilty – A.C. Newman

  2. Its like listening to a New Pornographers album but with no Neko and others. Just simply Mr.Newman. Best tracks are The Heartbreak Rides, Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer and All of My Days and All of My Days Off

  3. Spirit Guides – Evening Hymns

  4. A superb album. Best tracks are Lanterns, Mtn. Song and Cedars

  5. FantasiesMetric

  6. Long awaited fourth album which is bringing Metric to play into bigger markets. Best tracks are Help I’m Alive, Satellite Mind, Gimme Sympathy and Front Row.

  7. Speak Of TroublesGreat Bloomers

  8. Great folk rocking full length by this Toronto band in which Gordon Lightfoot really loves. Best tracks are Lobbyist, The Young Ones Slept, Daylight and

  9. Girls Come Too – Still Life Still

  10. Fun debut album by this East York Toronto band. Reminisced of old BSS sound. Best tracks are Danse Cave, Flowers and A Wreath, Lite Bright Lawns, Neon Blue, Pastel and Planets

  11. TerritoryTwo Hours Traffic

  12. This album is showing their maturing side. Best tracks are Noisemaker, Wicked Side, Territory and Drop Alcohol.

  13. Thunderheist – Thunderheist

  14. They bring out the electro-dance funk into everyone. Best tracks are Jerk It, Nothing2Step2 and Space Cowboy.

  15. Tic Toc Tic – The Zolas

  16. This debut album by this Vancouver duo has that piano pop sound reminisced of Ben Folds. A very revealing album. Best tracks are You’re Too Cool, The Great Collapse, Marionettes and Pyramid Scheme.

  17. Timber TimbreTimber Timbre

  18. A freaky dark scary album who recently got signed to Arts & Crafts this year. Best tracks are Demon Host, We’ll Find Out and Trouble Comes Knock.

  19. XXXXYou Say Party! We Say Die!

  20. This band is evolving their sound and this album shows it.
    Best tracks are There Is XXXX (Within My Heart), Glory, Dark Days, Lonely’s Lunch, Make XXXX, Laura Palmer’s Prom and Heart Of Gold.


  1. Ben Welland

    Wait a minute… I just noticed that I read the post wrong! #21… Booooo. What was #1? It better have been good… I’m looking back at your archives right this second…

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