Canadian Albums of 2009 #11-#20

Here is #11-#20 of my picks of Canadian albums of 2009.

  1. A Mountain Is A MouthBruce Peninsula

  2. Can’t stop listening to this album by this big Toronto band. Best tracks are Inside/Out, Steamroller, Satisfied and Crabapples.

  3. Islands Disappear – Said The Whale

  4. A very tight in production and more of a bigger sounding album than previous album. Best tracks are Out on the Shield, B.C. Orienteering, Camilo (The Magician), Islands Disappear, Black Day in December and Goodnight Moon

  5. If I Don’t Come Home You’ll Know I’m Gone – The Wooden Sky

  6. Great second album. Best tracks are Oh My God ((It Still Means a Lot to Me), My Old Ghosts, Call if you need me, When We Were Young and The Late King Henry.

  7. Wooden ArmsPatrick Watson

  8. Patrick does it again with his third album. Lots of unique instrumentation and luscious lyrics. Best tracks are Fireweed, Tracy’s Water, Beijing and Where The Wild Things Are.

  9. Lost Channels – Great Lake Swimmers

  10. Something about this album is so relaxing and soothing. Best track are Your Rocky Spine, Everything Is Moving So Fast, Pulling On A Line, Concrete Heart and Still.

  11. Post Nothing – Japandroids

  12. A fun rocking crazy album. Best tracks are The Boys Are Leaving Town, Young Hearts Spark Fire, Wet Hair, Rockers East Vancouver and Heart Sweats

  13. Nice, Nice Very NiceDan Mangan

  14. His second album is giving some recognition and its a superb album. Best tracks are Road Regrets, Robots, The Indie Queens Are Waiting and Fair Verona.

  15. High On Jackson Hill – Immaculate Machine

  16. Their third album is a change from Fables and much mature sounding album. Best tracks are Sound The Alarms, Neighbours Won’t Mind, Only Love You For Your Car and Blurry Days

  17. Clues – Clues

  18. This album by ex-members of Arcade Fire and The Unicorns just blew me away. Best tracks are Haarp, You Have My Eyes Now, Cave Mouth and Ledmonton.

  19. ConceptsLittle Girls

  20. This debut from this Toronto band is crazy experimental album. Best tracks are Youth Tunes, Tambourine, Concepts and Imaginary Friends

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