2nd Annual Who’s Hot In Ottawa’s Music Scene – Sweetest Beards

As stated on part one of the results.
With the votes tallied up.
You people voted so it’s not my outcome! 😛
So here are the results for Sweetest Beards


  1. Mike Stauffer of Fevers
  2. Fevers @ Mercury Lounge

  3. Rolf Klausener of The Acorn
  4. Silkken Laumann @ Westfest 2012

  5. Adam Saikaley
  6. Silkken Laumann @ Ravenswing 2012

  7. Jamie LeClair of Loon Choir
  8. Loon Choir @ The Rainbow Bistro

  9. Davey of Male Nurse
  10. Male Nurse @ Mugshots


  • Dave Norris of Dave Norris & Local Ivan
  • Dave Norris & Local Ivan @ Zaphod Beeblebrox

  • Jonathan Chandler of Amos The Transparent
  • Amos The Transparent @ Westfest 2012

  • Jonathan Becker
  • Jonathan Becker @ 4in1 Session #1

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