Andy Shauf & Amanda Bon @ Pressed [March 25, 2013]

After returning from CMW on Sunday.
I wanted to attend this Monday night show that took place at Pressed on March 25th.
Playing at the show:
Andy Shauf
Andy Shauf @ Pressed
Amanda Bon
Amanda Bon @ Pressed
Having missed out Andy’s set during CMW.
This was a great chance to see him live without the craziness at a festival like CMW.

The show started out with Ottawa’s Amanda Bon.
She played a lovely intimate acoustic folk and country set.
The audience was very attentive and enjoyable.
A talented musician to check out!

Andy Shauf was next on stage.
It was just simply Andy and his guitar.
He mostly played tracks from his album “The Bearer of Bad News”.

The songs was very sad but he did play some happier songs.
Very nice and intimate set he put on.
He felt awkward with how attentive and quiet the audience was.
Overall it was a nice show being on a Monday night!

Here are the rest of the photos.

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