Arkells and Matt Mays & El Torpedo @ Barrymore’s Music Hall

Tonight I went to see the second night show of Matt Mays & El Torpedo with Arkells.
It was at Barrymore’s.
I’m guessing the first night was totally sold out and hence they added the second night.
I was blown away by both bands.
Wasn’t as crazy as I hope to be but whatever.

I already seen Matt Mays & El Torpedo play at Bluesfest this year.

Was glad to see Arkells since CBC Radio 3 plays their music.
Their music is amazing and when they played live totally fun.
I bought their album so I will try to make a review very soon.
Great band to check out live.
After Arkells was Matt Mays
Man what a show it was.
Very fun and energetic.
He came on stage wearing all white, even had white Converse shoes.
I didn’t know any of the songs except for two. I know one is being played on CBC Radio 3 and other rock stations.
I enjoyed considering I didn’t know any of the songs.
I rocked out like crazy.
Going to get his autograph but he played pass 12:15am and I wasn’t going to miss my bus.
So I just gave up and went out.
Glad I got the members of Arkells and got their autograph.

Great show I went tonight.

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