CD Review: Forest City Lovers and The D'Urbervilles

I am going to do a double review today.
This year I have checked out 2 great bands and want to spread the word out on them.
So see them live or buy their albums.

I’ve decided to put them together because one of the member Kyle Donnelly is in both bands.

Forest City Lovers hails from Toronto and the members are Kat Burns, Mika Posen and Kyle Donnelly

The D’Urbervilles hails from Guelph and the members are Tim Bruton, Kyle Donnelly, John O’Regan and Greg Santilly.

In 2008 both bands released new albums under the Out Of This Spark label.

I like to say both bands are like brothers(The D’Urbervilles) and sisters(Forest City Lovers).
The brother being wild, angst ridden, crazy and pulls the punches
The sister is nice, romantic, well mannered and polite.

On to the Haunting Moon Sinking by Forest City Lovers.
CD Cover
When I saw them live for the first time I was amazed by their performance.
This album is superb to listen to.
The songs are sweet, catchy, simple and has that initimate feel.
Kat and Mika’s vocal are great to listen to when they sing with such great melodies.
The album has that indie pop folk feel.
Great to hear such instruments like the violin and the glockenspiel making it feel lovely.

With tracks like Country Roads, Two Hearts (No not the Kylie track) and Pirates they got abit of Arcade Fire influence which I really like.
Something about the violin makes the song so intense.

While the track Watching The Streetlights Grow makes you feel like you want to see the streetlights grow in your area.
Overall a lovely amazing album to get.

Best tracks:

  • Don’t Go
  • Sudden Seas
  • Country Roads
  • Waiting By The Fence
  • Watching The Streetlights Grow

Don’t forget to check them out when they did a CBC Fuse performance

Now on to the We Are Hunters by The D’Urbervilles.

When I saw them live for the first, second and third time, I was so blown away by their songs they sang.
The album is full of energetic tracks.
One of those album that makes you want to rock out crazy. (I want to write something explicit but I won’t)
The album is about 30 mins but you can’t blame them since its their first album.
Maybe they will do more on the next album.

They have that indie rock sound which I am so drawn into.
They have that 80s rock/pop influence.

Best tracks:

  • We Are Hunters
  • Dragnet
  • Hot Tips
  • Spin The Bottle
  • National Flowers

Anyways both bands are very talented and I would put both albums in the best of 2008 list.
Also if they are touring you should go check them near where you are.
Great performances when they go live.


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