Shotgun Jimmie, Ladyhawk and Attack In Black @ Zaphod Beeblebrox

I went to see three bands on Nov 6th.
First was Shotgun Jimmie and he hails from Sackville, New Brunswick.
His music is indie poppy folk and some alternative rock.
Backing up was three members Attack In Black, which I thought was cool.
Brave of all them wearing wool sweaters on stage.
Great set he put on. I forgot that CBC Radio 3 played his song Bedhead.
It was great that he sang it at the end. What was also funny was he didn’t remember the lyrics.
It made the show kind of funny and interesting.

Then it was Ladyhawk’s turn to go up.

If you don’t know Ladyhawk hails from Vancouver.
Amazing as always. Headbanging classic or grunge rocking music.
Still promoting their album SHOTS.
Amazing hearing the song STHD and Fear but they didn’t sing I Don’t Always Know What You’re Saying.
Nice people too.
It was a nice rocking set.

Finally Attack in Black played, they are from Welland Ontario.
Music is indie rock and alternative.
I was surprised that Julie Doiron came on and sang a song with them.
Wished she was on more but what can you do?
Fun and energetic their music.
All three bands have a 7″ vinyl single.
Which is why they are selling it at the shows.

It was a fun night to these bands.
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