Art Battle Ottawa [November 21, 2018]

I was very curious about this Art Battle Ottawa that took place at Arts Court on November 21, 2018.
It was my first time checking it out.
Art Battle is a live competitive painting where painters create the best work they can paint in 20 minutes.
As they work, patrons move around the easels, closely watching the creative process.
The medium is acrylic paint and the tools allowed are brushes, palette knives or any non-mechanical implements.
At the end of the round, the audience votes democratically for their favourite painting and bids in silent auction to take the work home.
Art Battle happens in more than 50 cities worldwide.
I arrived when Round 1 was ending, so I got to see Round 2 and 3.
The winner of the night was Allan Andre.
Overall it was a fun night.

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