Bands to check #1

I’ve been getting e-mails recently on musicians wanting me to check out.

So this will be a short blurb on what to check out.
Not sure if I made the right choices.
Just wanted to write down something since I was in the mood to type something.

No not the building housing company in Ottawa.
They are a five piece folky, rock and roll band from Vancouver whose roots run deep. Hailing from all over Canada, these five friends starting making country tinged folk music about five years ago and slowly progressed into a stomping good time of a band.
Favorite tracks on their Myspace: New Bones, Tonight I Lay My Head and Some People Gotta Learn.

Brad P and the Son of Sam
A musician from Davis, CA. (Near Sacramento) I have a new project called Brad P and the Son of Sam and I just released my first album under that name. Fans of Elvis Costello, the Thermals, Talking Heads, and Velvet Underground would probably tolerate it.
Music is kind of weird but has this 80s feel to it.
Tracks: I Got A Girl (In A Box), Crazy Weekend and Still Haven’t Fallen In Love

Fuzzy Bunny Slaughterhouse
A Ottawa band that dresses up as bunny.
Music is indie garage rock.

The Fast Romantics
A band from Calgary.
Music is indie rock/alternative.
This band will be playing Ottawa on September 16th at the Rainbow Bistro.
Tracks: How Do You, Sleepy Jean and Casablanca

In English.
A band from Toronto.
Music is indie pop/rock.
I was reading their short Myspace profile that they have a connection with the band Arkells.
Favorite tracks: Never A Part Of Me, She’s Got Your Number, Days You Spend and Try Hard

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