Plants and Animals (part deux) at the Blacksheep Inn

Plants and Animals @ The Blacksheep InnOn a spur of the moment, I decided to see Plants and Animals at the Blacksheep Inn.
To be very honest, this was my seventh time seeing this band.
Ya I am getting to be a hardcore fan of their music.
How embarrassing is that?

Great venue for them to play again.
Last time Plants and Animals played at the Blacksheep Inn was on September 25th.
This time there was more people in attendance.
I decided to sit on the floor close to the stage.

The first band to open up was Berithen Berio.
Berithen Berio @ The Blacksheep Inn
It was the Barr brothers Andrew (drummer) and Brad (Guitars and vocals) who are in the Slip.
They had a harp player.
Their set was great, very indie rock and experimental at some parts.
Half-way during their set, it just occurred to me that the drummer was Andrew Barr who does drumming for Land Of Talk.
Berithen Berio @ The Blacksheep Inn
Just the hair was different.
I didn’t know those two were brothers.
Berithen Berio @ The Blacksheep Inn
I can’t wait for whenever the album is released.
At least I got to chat abit with Andrew when he played at Bluefest with Land Of Talk.
A band to check out live.

Plants and Animals came on stage.
Plants and Animals @ The Blacksheep Inn
They totally rocked out who was at the venue.
Considering after singing six songs, that some people who were on the floor sitting *including myself*.
Decided to stand up and dance after Mercy.
The band decided to add Sinnerman for those that wanted to dance. I was happy enough for them to sing it.
Of course they sang Bye Bye Bye and loved it when the audience sang the title song.
Plants and Animals @ The Blacksheep Inn
They sang three new song from the upcoming album which won’t be out until March of 2010 since they are still working on it.
Here is what they sang:

  • Good Friend
  • Feedback in the Field
  • Sparks *new*
  • Future from 1980 *new*
  • Mama Papa *new*
  • Mercy
  • Sinnerman
  • Bye Bye Bye
  • ENCORE: Faerie Dance

For those that missed out, you missed out big time.
This was the first time I got to stand up and danced at the Blacksheep Inn.
Plants and Animals @ The Blacksheep Inn
Usually I would just sit on the table, enjoy the music and snap some shots.
Probably it was Labour Day Weekend.
A perfect end to summer of 2009.
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  1. Brenda

    haha the band I’ve probably seen too many times is Hey Ocean!. I’m seeing them 2 weeks from now, and that’d be the 4th time (?) since January.

  2. Ming Wu

    The other bands I’ve seen past the five mark are:
    The Acorn (7 to be exact)
    Winter Gloves (7 to be exact)
    Ruby Coast (8 to be exact)
    Basia Bulat (made it on 5)

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