Bands Undone: Meadowlark Five (Review)

It was a chaotic day on Thursday November 5th.
Despite being late for the first Bands Undone at Canteen due to some weird package on Kent/Lyon and having the bomb squad to look after it.
I got there like when they were in their third or fourth song.
The band was making a joke about covering a Fleetwood Mac song.

If you don’t know the band playing was Meadowlark Five.
They are a band from Sudbury.
Surprised that all six members fitted into that small room in Canteen where all the paintings and art are hung on the walls.
Their set was very stripped down acoustic.
It was an amazing set.
Really loved that kind of intimate setting with their music.
Reminded me of another band who I saw which were the Wilderness of Manitoba.
It was nice that the band like this kind of concept.
Here is a quick interview I did with the band.


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