Woodhands @ Ritual (Review)

It was a busy Thursday November 5th night.
With Elliott Brood playing at another show for the rock scene.
While the indie electro dance scene at Ritual was Woodhands and Junior Boys (who I sadly miss).
Just say it was a crazy danceparty that crazy night.
I got to see:
Noah @ Ritual
Woodhands @ Ritual

I haven’t been to Ritual and it was my first time going to this venue,
I’ve been there before since it was called Atomic ages again.
Enough of the history and on to the event itself.

The show started off with Ottawa musician Noah.
This was first time seeing him live.
I was at the videoshoot for the song Mannequin.
His music is very new wave dance pop.
Noah told me that this past week he was sick and his throat was doing so well.
But he did the show and it was a fun time.
There was a minor setback because of his scratchy voice.
Funny I actually remembered the song Mannequin just because I was at the videoshoot and it was played alot that it was embedded in my brain.
It is a fun catchy dance tune.
Really enjoyed his set.

Then Woodhands came up.
Noticed alot of people started to crowd near the stage.
I was surprise to see that and great for them to getting the recognition they are getting with their music.
I’ve seen them alot and they need no introduction.
I was very eager and excited to see them play.
I was hoping they would preview new material which only they did one new song.
Sang Underattack, I Wasn’t Made For Fighting (which they got the audience to sing the chorus) and Dancer (extended version and got to love Paul sing the female part of the song!!!).
When they started playing, I just couldn’t help myself and danced away like a crazy person.
Nice to see alot of people in the crowd dancing.
Woodhands @ RitualWoodhands @ Ritual
Here is the interview I did with them after their set.
Its a very hilarious one to say the least.
Talked about their music, touring, what they love about Ottawa (which Paul answered), favorite city to play shows at, info on the new album and last giving a shoutout to two people.

Kind of sad I missed out Junior Boys but seeing Woodhands play made it up for it.
It was such a fun Thursday night.


  1. Lucas David

    Hey Great Fashion show at Ritual. Any Chance We Can See The Pics Of the fashio show? Including rhe random guy that went up?

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