Basia Bulat & Evening Hymns @ NAC Theatre [October 5, 2013]

Definitely was a busy Saturday!
It was the premiere of the 2013-2014 season of NAC Presents Concert Series.
To kick off the series they had Basia Bulat and Evening Hymns to play a wonderful set of their music.
Basia Bulat @ NAC Theatre
I missed out the first ten minutes of Evening Hymn’s set.
So I didn’t get to photograph them.
It was just Jonas and Sylvie on stage.
They mostly played tracks from the album “Spectral Dusk”.
Was a lovely intimate set!
Basia Bulat @ NAC Theatre
Then it was Basia’s turn to shine on stage.
I was very excited since she was promoting her new album “Tall Tall Shadow” (Go and get it, it’s a great record!)
She played a mix of what she called “Golden hits” from “Oh My Darling” and “Heart of My Own”.
My favorite parts of the set was when she played solo with her hammer harp on The Shore and It Can’t Be You.
Basia Bulat @ NAC Theatre
During the middle part of the set, The Acorn’s Rolf Klausener joined the stage to sing a song.
Then later before the encore she got Evening Hymns and Rolf to sing Never Let Me Go.
Basia Bulat @ NAC Theatre
Two standing ovations, Basia was overwhelmed by it since Ottawa has been very supportive with her music.
Overall it was a wonderful show!
Here are the rest of the photos.

Music video for Tall Tall Shadow