Best of 2010: Canadian Albums (#41-#50)

Here is another installment of the best of 2010 Canadian albums.
There is a mix of indie pop, rock, dance, folk and even jazz.
This time its from #41-#50.
Hope you will like who is in this list.
Don’t forget to check out their music.

  1. Plants and AnimalsLa La Land

  2. Plants and Animals is a band that will take some risk and experimentation on La La Land.
    Listen to The Mama Papa and Undone Melody

  3. DVASSociety

  4. Society is a fun dance record.
    Listen to Society and Giving It All Away

  5. Steven McKaySteven McKay

  6. Steven’s work as a solo musician shows off his work as a singer/songwriter than just the drummer of Bruce Peninsula.
    Listen to Slow Down and Of All The Places.

  7. Zeus – Say Us

  8. They were Jason Collett’s backing band on tour and now they are on their own.
    Say Us is filled with great catchy indie rock tunes.
    Listen to River By the Garden

  9. SuunsZeroes, QC

  10. Having the dreamy vocals of Ben Shemie mix with the noisy, droning guitars riffs and thumping synth-keyboards.
    The ten tracks on the album just blew my ears away.
    Listen to Up Past The Nursery

  11. Library Voices – Demin on Demin

  12. The Regina “big” band finally released their first full-length.
    Its full of insane vibrant angst indie pop rock tunes.
    Listen to Drinking Games and Party Like It’s 2012

  13. WoodhandsRemorsecapade

  14. Remorsecapade has the techno beats synth sound.
    They still maintain that Woodhands sound with Paul’s crazy drum beating and Dan’s insanely intense vocals and beating the keyboards.
    Listen to Dissembler and Pockets and

  15. David VertesiCardiography

  16. This album is very reminisced to Dan Mangan and Aidan Knight with a mix of Tom Waits, Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen.
    What a great album and surprised with the songwriting and the talents coming from David.
    Listen to All Night, All Night, All Night

  17. The Russian FuturistsThe Weight’s On The Wheels

  18. The production value is very high from previous albums he has made.
    Lots of great catchy hooks and lyrics.
    Listen to Hoeing Weeds Sowing Seeds, 100 Shopping Days ’til Christmas and Register My Firearms? No Way!

  19. Elizabeth Shepherd – Heavy Falls The Night

  20. The only jazz soul in this list.
    I have to say this is a great album. Maybe she might become the next Diana Krall.

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