Best of 2019: Top 10 EPs

There was some definitely great EPs that came out in 2019.
While it may help out new and upcoming acts to start out or help tide in some new materials before the bands/artist will release their full-length.
The majority is all Canadian, there is one international act that I had to put on the list.
This my Top 10 favorite works that came out.

1. N0V3L – Novel

2. Pottery – No.1

3. Absolutely Free – Geneva Freeport EP

4. Dry Cleaning – Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks EP

5. Partner – Saturday the 14th

6. Rapport – In The Dark EP

7. Vanity Phase – Unnatural Habits

8. Gladys Lazer – Way Imperfect

9. Sauna – EP

10. Basement Revolver – Wax and Digital EP

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