Said The Whale and Hey Ocean! @ Zaphod Beeblebrox

I had an amazing time at Zaphods!
Since its was BC Scene, attended two bands from BC.
One I’ve already seen before which was Said The Whale.
The headliner was Hey Ocean! and was my first time checking them out.
Apparently Ottawa was their last Canadian stop before heading off to the USA.

All I have to say was this was an amazing show.
Great for both bands to get alot of support from the Ottawa scene.
Surprised the show sold out.

First up was Said the Whale, who was introduced by the lovely Amanda Putz.
Said The Whale @ Zaphods
Started off with Love/Sleep which is new track from the upcoming album.
Very fun track, then it was This City’s A Mess.
My favorite track.
Mostly they previewed alot of new songs from the upcoming album.
They were really great and I can’t wait to get the new album in the fall time.

After them was Hey Ocean!
First time seeing and they blew me away.
Hey Ocean! @ Zaphods
They started off with two of male members and doing the drumming.
Just amazed me.
It was all fun and happy tracks they sang.
Like they did a small diddy of Jolene and Ms. Jackson by Outkast.
Mentioned how they were in Ottawa about a year and a half ago and there was only four people in attendance seeing them.
Tonight it was a packed crowd.
Mostly because of the BC Scene or probably good word of mouth.

What a great show!
Here are the photos.


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