Black Country, New Road – Snow Globes [Listen]

Today the British band Black Country, New Road dropped the track for Snow Globes.
The fourth and final single is taken from their upcoming second album Ants From Up There coming out on February 4, 2022 via Ninja Tune.
An epic 9 minute winter vibe kind of song that is sorely miss in the British rock music scene.

About the track:
Having resonated heavily with fans since it’s live debut in 2020, “Snow Globes” marks one the album’s most powerful moments.
The track sees the band shift between delicacy and enormity, finding them at their most potent and arresting.
Frontman Isaac Wood’s vocals carefully swing between quiet restraint and stirring zest, whilst accompanied by some of the band’s most orchestral instrumentation to date, alongside drums that develop from gentle timpani-esque ruminations into a passionate cacophony before giving way to the track’s tender and pensive refrain.

Speaking on the single, drummer Charlie Wayne says:
“Snow Globes was one of the songs which had existed before we wrote the majority of the songs on AFUT.
Though it’s a pretty good representation of the musical world we wanted to explore on the album at large.
Rather than writing a song with a number of distinct sections we wanted to see what we could do with one continuous riff.
It was a real exploration in trying to create something maximalist whilst limiting ourselves with minimal musical choices.

Because the melodic instruments are all playing the riff in unison, Snow Globes left the drums with an interesting opportunity.
The drums don’t sit separately from the rest of the band on Snow Globes, but we wanted to use them in a way that we hadn’t in the past.
The initial idea was to feel like the drums were recorded for a completely separate track. They were meant to be totally arrhythmic and just sort of bubble below the surface that is like at the end of White Ferrari.
As the song progressed the drums still occupy a slightly different sound world, but because the rest of the band is playing in such a syncopated style, the drums were given a space to disregard rhythm and be completely expressive.”

Snow Globes gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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