Bluesfest 2010: Day 5

Wow this was a big day for Ottawa Bluesfest on July 10, 2010.
Being a Saturday it was filled with great musicians and bands playing there.
I am still in cloud nine seeing The Flaming Lips playing a spectacular set.
Metric @ Bluesfest
The musicians and bands I saw on Day 5 were:

Here are the photos.

I wanted to see Passion Pit at 9pm but they had some technical difficulties and was eating up my time to see The Flaming Lips at 9:30pm
I heard their set was ridiculously insane, sounded like Girl Talk all over again and hell for the Hard Rock Cafe stage crew.

Here will be a short blurb on who I saw at Bluesfest.

Tusk was the first act of the day that I saw.
Tusk @ Bluesfest
They were great live and it was nice to see that they are still active in the Canadian Music Indie Scene.

Next was Ottawa’s The Love Machine.
The Love Machine @ Bluesfest
Always a great band to see live and I am getting the hang of singing their songs out loud.

Headed back to the Black Sheep Stage to catch Culture Reject.
He had a backing band this time.
Culture Reject @ Bluesfest
They sounded alot better and lively.

The Mohawk Lodge was totally loud and rocking it at the Black Sheep Tent.
He had his backing band and they were as crazy as it is.
The Mohawk Lodge @ Bluesfest
One of the guitarist jumped off the stage and ran around the crowds.
I always forget that Mohawk Lodge is fun to watch live.

Decided to walk around to see what to check before 5pm.
Wasn’t sure if I wanted to see That’s The Spirit at the big stage (MBNA) or Jill Zmud at the Barney Danson Theatre.
The weather was somewhat turning for the worst and there was some drops of rain.
So I decided to wait inside the museum and see Jill instead.

So here where the story gets interesting.
While waiting in line, I noticed the lead singer of The Flaming Lips walking pass by.
I was in shock and I just had to get my autograph book and get it signed.
I couldn’t believe it I met Wayne Coyne and I made a fool of myself mistaking the album title Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot and said fights.
He was nice about it and joked about it.
Enough with that.

I was really impressed with Jill’s set.
It was almost of full house for her set.
Jill Zmud @ Bluefest
The first song she did was acapella and it was truly amazing to hear that from her.
I only stayed for two songs.
Simply an amazing musician.

At 6pm I went to see Basia Bulat.
Not sure how many times I’ve seen her live.
She doesn’t disappoint live and truly a talented musician.
Basia Bulat @ Bluesfest
Hearing her play The Shore live is just so beautiful and sad at the same time.
I was surprised to see Holly there since she was busy with school and other stuff.
Nice to see Bobby on the drums and Allison on violin.

Then at 7pm I went to see Metric at the big stage (MBNA).
Finally it was their time to play a bigger stage like MBNA.
They are there every year and it was a great set.
Metric @ Bluesfest
Nothing to spectacular but great hearing Help! I’m Alive, Dead Disco, Gimme Sympathy and Monster Hospital.
Somehow it felt very short, at least they are a stable for Ottawa Bluesfest.
Emily Haines look really lovely.

When to see abit of Roger Hodgson.

I didn’t know who he is and didn’t know Supertramp also.
He did had a warm Ottawa welcome when he came on stage.
The audience loves him and his music.

I wanted to check out Passion Pit.
Didn’t get to take any photos because I was wanting to snap some photos of Flaming Lips at 9:30pm.
The band had some difficulties with some of their gear.
But I was told it was a crazy set.

Now finally I got to see The Flaming Lips.
OMG! I was so surprised and amazed by it.
The Flaming Lips @ Bluesfest
The video screen was amazing to see (well it happened to be a naked woman with a glowing vagina).
Their live set just blew me away with giant balloons, confetti & one side of guys dancing and one side of girls dancing.
It was just so surreal.
Did get to see Wayne jump out in the man size bubble.
Words can’t explain on what I saw at that show.
You just had to be there to see and believe it.
So amazing that I totally forgot to see Octoberman and Eamon McGrath’s set.
Please forgive me!

What a day it was!!!


  1. Swapmeet Louie

    What a great post! I love Basia Bulat… haven’t had the chance to see her live, but I’m sure she puts on an excellent performance! And the Flaming Lips… Yoshimi was the first Lips album I got and it continues to floor me whenever I spin it!

    This is the first time I’ve commented here, but I’ve been enjoying your site for some time now. Love what you do here!

  2. Alan

    Too bad you missed Passion Pit. Angelakos was unbelievable. It was crazy from beginning to end. Had to be a screw-up scheduling FL and PP almost at the same time.

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