Bluesfest 2010: Day 4

The rain finally poured down on the fourth day (July 9th) of Ottawa Bluesfest.
At least it wasn’t as bad from the past three days where it was stinking hot.
The weather made it cooler and easiser to enjoy the music.
There was a interesting lineup on the Friday night.
The acts that I saw were:

Here are the photos.
[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157624336557431″]

I didn’t stay much during the Soirée because I wanted to head over to the Black Sheep Tent.
Playing there was The Planet Smashers and it was my first time seeing and hearing them.
There was alot of people there and their music was ska.
The crowds was loving it and was crazy.
Didn’t know they had a strong fanbase.
After that went to see John Butler Trio.
They were alright live and very profound music they were singing.
Made it to see bits of Gord Downie and the Country of Miracles.
It was cool to see this set because it was Gord, Julie Doiron and other musicians in other bands.
It was like some super cool band.
Didn’t stick much because the rain was getting really hard.
Hole I got denied but I went to the crowds and was happy to hear Miss World and Violet.

Couldn’t get to shoot Joan Jett so I decided to check out Louis C.K. at the Black Sheep tent.
Man was he ever funny in a dirty way.
I couldn’t stop laughing.
It was very entertaining.

That was it for Friday of Bluesfest.

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