Blur – Parklife [Streaming]

I’ve decided to go through my old collection of CDs.
I feel like making a review for this album.
Can’t believe its been 14 years since I’ve been a big BLUR fan.
I did see them live in 2003 at Montreal’s Metropolis (about 10 years too late).
This is way before Gorillaz made a big splash globally in the music scene.
Happy to hear that all the original members are back for 2009. Blur fans should be excited for this reunion.
It was Parklife that got me loving the whole Britpop music scene.
Besides listening to the whole top 40 stuff back in my teenage days.
Still haven’t gotten tired of listening to this album.

Still this album help made BLUR become a household name in the UK.
In case you are living under a rock, the members are Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James, Dave Rowntree.
Also started the big Britpop movement which probably lasted until 1997.

Parklife in my opinion is the quintessential Britpop album.
Surprising that the album charted in the #1 spot but didn’t achieve #1 singles but had two Top 10 hits which were Girls and Boys and Parklife.

This album is so typically British with tracks like Parklife (Love Phil Daniels doing the narration of the song and makes me want to have a British accent), Bank Holiday and London Loves.
Fun and crazy tracks of Girls & Boys, Tracy Jacks and Jubilee.
Slow moody trippy sounds of Far Out and This Is A Low.
To The End has that “C’est ne sais quoi” French tragic ballady song (Find the one with Francoise Hardy and that is very French).

Damon’s vocals just makes is so amazing to hear a British singer sing British life.
Parklife is a classic Britpop album and never grows old.

Best tracks:

  • Girls & Boys
  • End Of A Century
  • Parklife
  • To The End
  • This Is A Low

Parklife gets:

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