Bruce Peninsula, Timber Timbre and Giant Hand at Zaphods

Just one day before the buses are finally back in service.
I was really anxious and desperate to see Bruce Peninsula at Zaphod Beeblebrox.
Bruce Peninsula just released their debut album “A Mountain Is A Mouth”.

Went up to them before the show and the members of Bruce Peninsula remembered me.
Considering I met a first impression in getting their autograph.

Words right now can’t explain about February 6th show at Zaphods.
Blown away is one of them.

The first opener was Giant Hand from Ottawa.
I’ve seen him play alot of times.
Its always good to have local talent play and hopefully get some good networking done.
His set is nice and simple.
Great storytelling.
Well he is playing again in March when he opens up for Handsome Furs.
Giant Hand at Zaphods
Timber Timbre came up.
I was surprised that Jennifer Mecija of Ohbijou was accompanying Timber Timbre.
The set was interestingly done.
It had a sad, sombre feel and I felt like tearing up.
Mostly when Jennifer was playing the violin made it very moving.
It was nice soothing set.
Also a nice one for the romantics.
Timber Timbre at ZaphodsTimber Timbre at Zaphods
Then Bruce Peninsula came up and it was a riot (Myself mostly).
The first song they sang was Steamroller and it was amazing hearing it live.
Something about that band when they sing live is so fun,intense and have that classic vintage sound which makes dance like crazy.
How they play the various instruments and the vocal harmonies is just beyond amazement.
Bruce Peninsula at Zaphods
Misha, I swear must been possessed by some famous singer.
Her singing just amazes me. And of course Daniela and Kari are amazing too.
Bruce Peninsula sure knows how to make innovative music.
Bruce Peninsula at ZaphodsBruce Peninsula at Zaphods
Bought albums of Timber Timbre and Bruce Peninsula and will make a review.
Bruce Peninsula at ZaphodsBruce Peninsula at Zaphods
Surprise by the great turnout, mostly because it is a Friday.
Last time Bruce Peninsula was in Ottawa, the turnout wasn’t great that was because there was a band who shall not be named was playing a big show in Montreal.
But I do love that “band”.
Bruce Peninsula at Zaphods
So go and see Bruce Peninsula.
You will not be disappointed.

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