BOCCE – Disambiguation (Free to download!)

March 23rd was the digital drop date for Bocce‘s highly anticipated album Disambiguation.
Bocce is a band from Waterloo, who I happen to see them live at Pop Montreal 2009.
Amazing fun performance they put on.
This is a mindblowing fun dancing album!
You can download the album for free on their website.
If you want to support the band, they have a donate button.
So get your dancing shoes on and have a blast to this record.
If you like Green Go and Woodhands, then you should give this band a listen.

  1. Michael Collins (Astronaut)
  2. Highlighter (Reverse Video)
  3. Mr. X (Board Game Character) [My favorite!]
  4. Bachelor (Satisfied Fool) [My favorite!]
  5. Transmission (Telecommunications)
  6. Confident Confidant (Forget Everything)[My favorite!]
  7. Wheel Of Fortune Cookie (Before & After)
  8. Short Shorts (Fashion)[My favorite!]
  9. Luis Sojo (Baseball Player)[My favorite!]

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