Bonjay @ Mercury Lounge

Lastly the final show of the night on November 12th.
I headed up to the Mercury Lounge to finally see Bonjay live!
It was their EP release for Broughtupsy (Review).
Bonjay @ Mercury Lounge
I got there and it was already packed.
People were dancing around.
At least I got there for the last four songs.
It was amazing fun with their blend of dancehall, electronica music

I surely had a fun time dancing.
Very surprised they sang Caribou’s Jameila!
That was a treat to enjoy!!
Alanna was in a happy mood and she mentioned thanks to CBC, CHUO and CKCU for their support.
It was also Pho’s birthday.
Great home-welcoming for Bonjay.

Here are the photos.
[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157625257222531″]
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PS I also noticed Jon Bartlett from Kelp Records was in attendance.

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