The Reds, Pinks and Purples – The Record Player & the Damage Done [Music Video]

The Reds, Pinks and Purples is the moniker for Glenn Donaldson from San Francisco, California.
Today he dropped the music video and second single for The Record Player & The Damage Done which is taken from the upcoming album Uncommon Weather coming out on April 9, 2021 via Slumberland Records.
Nice DIY catchy and feels very upbeat Britpop vibe.
The music video is a trippy feel using stock footage.

About the track:
“The Record Player and the Damage Done,” is a gorgeous piece of DIY pop that echoes immaculate influences such as The Church, Felt and New Zealand’s Flying Nun label.
Indeed, such inspirations thoroughly suffuse the new album Uncommon Weather and the artist behind the project, Glenn Donaldson, refers to the song as “a tribute to the spiritual practice of record collecting.”

It’s this loving, deep attention to the history and mysterious power of the best pop music that animates Donaldson’s brilliant songs, which themselves feel destined to enter the canon, and of which “The Record Player and the Damage Done” is a prime example.

The Record Player & the Damage Done gets:

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