Bravestation and Dora Alexander @ Live Lounge

Went to the Live Lounge on September 10th.
The bands playing were:

There were other two acts but I forgot their names.
I finally got to stay for a whole Bravestation set.
Last time I didn’t get to see them due to time constraints.

Dora Alexander is a new Toronto band.
Seeing their live set, they were really great.
They reminded me of the Darcys since one of the members was temporary touring with them this summer.
Great loud psychedelic rock set!
Apparently their debut EP won’t be release in October.

Bravestation came up.
People crowded near the stage.
They were brilliant live.
The audiences were loving it and seem to know every word of their songs.
At that time I felt like I wanted to fall on the ground thanks to Mike from Dora Alexander giving me a shot of whiskey.

Overall it was a great night.
I was fortunate to finally see Bravestation live.

Here are the rest of the photos.
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