Caribou – Swim (Review “Reposted”)


Here is part three of a ten part on reviewing the 2010 Polaris Music Prize shortlist nominees.
This time it is Caribou‘s Swim.(Original review of the album.)

Its been three years since Caribou‘s Polaris winning “Andorra”.
On April 20th, Caribou will release the highly- anticipated follow-up album called Swim.
Here is what Cityslang has to say about the album:
Swim is full of brightly textured, rapturous gems that gleam with astonishing production – and then wrenches at your heart with soulful, thoughtful reveries on the passing of time, family history and the breakdown of relationships. “There are songs about growing old in a relationship, about divorce and loneliness in old age but the lyrics are generally pretty abstract sketches of what’s going on in the situation in my head.”
While listening to the nine track album, I noticed that there was no retro-psychedelic dance that was heard on “Andorra”, instead, this is a hypnotic trance-electronica dance driven album.
One track that really stood out was Kaili, it had those trance-techno beats which really make you want to groove. While I’m not completely sure why people love his music or why it appeals to, I just like to get my dance on to his music.
On Polaris: The chances on Caribou winning might be 70%.
He was a Polaris winner in 2008 for the album Andorra.
He might be one of two musicians nominated to be a repeat winner.
Artistic merit, Swim is more electronic than Andorra which was more psychedelic Beach Boys pop music.
I really love Swim and its one of his best one to date and of 2010.
But if he does win (as typically Canadian as we are) alot of people will be complaining about it.
But the chances of winning is not going to happen but if it did it would be a shock.

Best tracks on Swim:

  • Odessa
  • [audio:]
  • Sun
  • [audio:]

  • Kaili
  • [audio:]
  • Found Out
  • Leave House
  • Hannibal
  • Lalibela
  • Jamelia feat. Luke Lalonde
  • [audio:]

If I rate this (in retrospect), it would be 10/10.
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