Broadcast Radio – Hallways of the Twenty-First Floor

Back on March 20th 2009, I went to see this show. Review of the show is here.
There was this band from Montreal called Broadcast Radio.
Members are:

  • Nick Backovic
  • Nino Menard
  • Luca Fantigrossi
  • Wolf Hackel

Hoping this band is still together?
I got their album Hallways of the Twenty-First Floor.
Listening to the whole album I was surprised on how great this album.
I am surprised that no one has heard of this band.
Their music is indie rock/alternative.
Have a bit of British rock influence in tracks of The Drifter, Howling At The Moon.
The album sounds great is probably because it was made at Hotel 2 Tango Studios and produced by Howard Bilerman of The Arcade Fire fame.
This is a album that you should need to check out if you are into indie rock.

Favorite tracks:

  • Beneath Me Lies No Shadow
  • My Last Chance
  • The Drifter
  • Howling At The Moon
  • The Black Cars Are Coming
  • Healing Words
  • The Harbour
  • A Plan To Escape
  • Don’t Look Back
  • I Grew Up On A Island

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