Two Hours Traffic – Territory (Review)

Listening to the new Two Hours Traffic which drops on September 8, 2009.
September the band is the artist of the month from X3.
Having that attention will make them even bigger now.
By the looks of the album cover, its a change from the last album “Little Jabs”.
They still have the catchy beats of their music in tracks like Noisemaker, Territory, Monster Closet, Lost Boys and Sing A Little Hymn.
But more of a dark heavy harder edge sound than the last album which was very upbeat.
Territory is a mature sounding album.
Would it be wrong to say the band is growing up?
With Joel Plaskett in producer mode for them. It has abit of the Joel sound with the East coast sound.
The eleven tracks on the album is somewhat of a surprise.
Because all of them are around the three minute mark.
There isn’t any that is four or five minutes.
I will go on a whim and say this album is a conceptual on a story of going through the “Territory” of life.
Fans of Two Hours Traffic will not be disappointed with this new album.
I will be disappointed because I will miss them when they Zaphod Beeblebrox in Ottawa on October 17th.
I finally saw them on November 26th, 2008.
Everytime when they come to Ottawa, I always miss them out due to a friend’s birthday.

Favorite tracks:

Wicked Side (reminds of a Weezer track)
Weightless One
Just Listen
Drop Alcohol
Monster Closet
Lost Boys (A great one, hear the whole song and be surprised)
Happiness Burns

Sing A Little Hymn

Great album definitely.


  1. prianka42

    Wow … I heard about these guys years ago and than completely forgot about their existence until now. The review looks great!

    Just out of curiousity, what time do you think the Young Galaxy show will start at next week?

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