Canada Day 2009

Yesterday I got a chance to take photos on Parliament Hill on Canada Day during the afternoon.
Seeing the dignitaries and politicians that were on hand.
It was a interesting experience seeing the “Prime Minister” and the Governor General.
It was a nervous experience being the first time doing this and not expecting it.
Enough of the politics, let’s get to the performances.

The one performance I was happy to see was Sarah McLachlan.
She sang Building A Mystery acoustically on her guitar.
No backing band or anything, simple Sarah.
Amazing performance and loved how she changed the f-word to messed up.
Sarah McLachlan on Parliament Hill
I forgot the other singers that played but will update it later when I find out.

Nico Archambault danced his way to the song of Hallelujah.
Nico Archambault on Canada Day

I was happy to see Said The Whale played with Hannah Georgas.
Brillant performance together.
Great to see Said The Whale do really well and play to a big crowd at Parliament Hill.
Said The Whale w/ Hannah Geogras on Parliament Hill

There were other singers/bands playing.
One was Marie-Mai but she sung mostly in French.
But she was good looking and had that stage presence.
Marie-Mai on Canada Day

Gregory Charles was very cheesy and it wasn’t really impress with that performance.

When the performances ended, all the artist gathered around to meet and greet the politicians.
While waiting to get a shot of either the “Prime Minister” or Governor General, walking up along was Sarah McLachlan.
I was excited to see her come to the media pit. Someone from CTV wanted to interview her.
Things went overdrive because no one expected her to come out.
Alot of the photographers were focused on her than the “Prime Minister” or Governor General.
I was so starstrucked to see her around

That was a fun Canada Day.

Tell me what you did on Canada Day this year?

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