Caves – Secretly Dead [Review]

This is one of those music that Weird Canada would review and pick up.
I am talking about Saskatoon’s Caves.
Caves consist of:

  • Stephen Cooley
  • Angus Dickin
  • Peter Grier
  • Jeremy Kiss

They just a dropped a EP called Secretly Dead on November 20th through Leaning Tree Records.
The EP is available to order on hand-numbered first edition of 50 professionally duplicated, hand-stamped one-sided green cassette tape.

Here is a blurb about them:
Aside from an appearance on Mammoth Cave Recordings’ Bloodstains Across the Prairies 7”, this is the first Caves release since 2009’s debut split cassette with Stephen Cooley (released as LTR 002 in 2011). Long since expanded to a four-piece, this is quite possibly the last dispatch of Caves as the solo vehicle of Saskatoon’s Peter Grier.

Expanding on the “shoegaze/bedroom pop vibe” (Byron Coley – The Wire #338) established on his debut, Grier pushes things even further with Secretly Dead. In just 25 minutes he covers an immense amount of ground, from the shifting landscape of “Lucid Basement” to the barely restrained soaring of the title track. Stops in between range from the wonky drum machine led “Space Helmet,” the economical electronic pulsing of “Concrete Teeth,” and the shimmeringly garbled “Raft Nap,” all featuring Grier’s seemingly detached vocals atop. Another set of headphone wonders from Saskatchewan’s weird wunderkind, just in time for winter.

If you like the dreamy bedroom pop music.
Then you should check them out.
RIYL: Women
I’d give this EP 8/10.
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