Centretown Cripplers – There’s Nothing Good About Where You Live (Review)

Just found out that Ottawa’s Centretown Crippler‘s new album “There’s Nothing Good About Where You Live” just released under my radar.
Its eight tracks of interesting indie garage (in a faux British accent) punk rock tracks.
This album picks up after Motor Points of the Face left off.
Very high vibrant energy with their sound when You listen to Running Start and Beat Up Some Kids.
I am still amazed that this band of seven members can make this great DIY record.
At times fun, crazy and sometimes angry.
Its a great CD to listen to for those not familiar with the Ottawa indie “garage” punk rock scene.
Somehow I am wanting more songs/longer epics tracks from this band.
Hopefully they will come out with more tracks to make.
Its one of those bands you have to see live too.
Considering how they can fit in seven/six members in one stage stage or a small room.

Best tracks:

  • Tom Jonestown
  • Whiskeytown
  • Beat Up Some Kids
  • Zero Replacements
  • 440 Miles
  • NYC

If I rate this, it would be 7.9/10.
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Get this album through their Bandcamp site.

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