Chandra, New Chance and Klapshmock! @ Black Squirrel Books

There was no way I didn’t want to miss out this show on November 16th at Black Squirrel Books which was presented by Debaser and First Crush Promotion.
Performing that night was Chandra, New Chance and Klapshmock!

Starting off the show was Ottawa’s Klapshmock!
Dressed up like a futuristic soldier, this set was an experimental electronic spacey vibe!
I was dancing abit to the music. 7/10.

Originally Teenager was suppose to perform but had to back out for some emergency and instead New Chance perform.
I was so impressed with her electronic house dance music!
She even did her version of Kelis’ Milkshake!
I was glad she was on this bill.
To see Chandra and people of all ages dancing is quite something!! 9/10.

You know the expression “You Never Too Old”?
This is what was appealing about Chandra from New York City.
No matter what age, anything is possible!
There is an in-depth profile on the Guardian and BrooklynVegan about her story.
Being backed up by members from Tough Age, New Chance and Bile Sister bought new life from the obscure EP Transportation which is reissued on Telephone Explosion.
Fun experience dancing to the music! 9/10.

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