Pantayo and Scary Bear Soundtrack @ General Assembly

Girls+ Rock Ottawa with collaboration with Anakbayan Ottawa (Who provided the amazing food!) presented a wonderful packed show at General Assembly with Pantayo and Scary Bear Soundtrack.
Arrived at the venue when the workshop with Pantayo was almost ending.
It was a quite something to see people playing their instruments.
Kind of bummed out on missing the workshop but hopefully they will return and do it again.

The show started off with Ottawa’s Scary Bear Soundtrack.
Wonderful indie alternative pop music which they previewed some new materials and old ones like Asian Fetishist. 8/10.

Shockingly enough this was my first time seeing Pantayo on their own.
I did see them backing up with Yamantaka // Sonic Titan back in 2015.
It was such a mesmerizing experience hearing their Southern Phillippines kulintang traditions of electro-synth percussion and drums music.
Bold, innovative and entertaining!
They better make a big splash for 2019!! 9/10.

Such a wonderful show for a Saturday night!

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