Chris Page & Jon Hynes @ Raw Sugar Cafe [February 23, 2013]

Decided to go to Raw Sugar Cafe for a kind of intimate acoustic indie rock show.
You can say it was solo guy musicians.
Playing at the show:
Chris Page
Jon Hynes

The show started off with Jon Hynes.
If you were wondering why he looks familiar.
He plays in Hidden Cameras.
This time he is going solo and previewed tracks from his debut album which drops this summer.
He sort of reminds me of Chris Page and Joel Plaskett with his music.
Jon Hynes @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Lastly was Chris Page turn to play.
A few weeks ago just saw him play in his band Camp Radio.
This time it was his solo stuff.
I’ve seen him play various times.
Chris played a really nice set.
Chris played two new songs from the Centretown Recordings Alliance Compilation

Chris Page @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Here are the rest of the photos.

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