Photos/Videos from 4in1 Music Session @ Slaysh [February 24, 2013]

4in1 Music Session took place at Slaysh on February 24th.
For those not aware:
4in1 Music Session‘ features local artists playing around the city of Ottawa in interesting places.
To check out previous sessions, click here.
Playing at this February’s session:
Elgin Skye McLaren
Elgin Skye McLaren @ 4in1 in Slaysh
Howard The Fox Project
Howard The Fox Project @ 4in1 in Slaysh
Jesse Dangerously
Jesse Dangerously @ 4in1 in Slaysh
Andrea Simms-Karp
Andrea Simms-Karp @ 4in1 in Slaysh

I was really impressed with this sessions with the last minute promotion and addition to the acts.
Really amazing time.
Andrea Simms-Karp @ 4in1 in Slaysh
Here are the rest of the photos.

Next session is on March 10th, details on here.
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