The Thrill, Barnacle, Sleep Late and Klapshmock @ Cinqhole

First show of 2020 and I decided to go to Cinqhole for some good ol’ local acts and one Montreal band.
It was definitely a great show when the venue is at capacity.
It was the tape release for The Thrill, who’s self-title EP came out in December 2019.
Pull off a sweet rocking garage punk music!
Also on the bill was Montreal’s Barnacle, they really impressed me with their post-punk pysch-rock music.
Predicting that they are a band that you should definitely check out in 2020!
Think of them as a louder sludgy version of other great Montreal bands like Corridor, Bleu Nuit and Pottery.
Sleep Late was great with their heavy post-punk rock music.
Klapshmock who started off the show with experimental electro-operatic music.
Check out the photos.

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