Claude Munson Talks About Arboretum Music + Arts Festival 2013

Arboretum Music + Arts Festival is happening this Friday and Saturday (August 16 and 17) and I couldn’t be any excited about it.
So I am trying to get a hold of the acts playing at this year’s festival and try to ask them a short Q&A.
Here is one with Claude Munson of Claude Munson & the Outside Storm.
Claude Munson & The Outside Storm @ Pressed
How excited are you to be playing at the second annual Arboretum Festival?
As excited as the dude who saw a double rainbow. I was there last year helping out and feeding the volunteers and had a great time discovering some new bands.. I was blown away by the whole experience, very original festival.

Are there any acts you are excited to see?

  • Jim Bryson
  • Her Harbor
  • Grime Kings
  • Missing Linx
  • New Swears

Besides the acts, any of the food vendors, arts & crafts stuff you like to check out or do?
The Chef Sessions sounds pretty awesome. I love food and so does the storm outside. Its at the same time as our set (18:00) so hopefully we don’t miss out on the eats, they say quantity is limited and I have a hungry band.. :S

What can we expect from your live set?
Hopefully not a thunder storm! (it’s happened a few times during our shows, at our album release last december it snowed about 2 feet). A few tunes from the record, some new songs; some upbeat stuff and one or two slower country-folk tunes.

What do you think a festival like this would be beneficial to the city?
I think its awesome for the city. Its a great way to showcase some local talent in a unique way and with different forms of art.
I love how food is a main feature, you wouldn’t see that at other festivals in the city (come for the food!). I think it’s pioneering some really cool ideas about how to deliver art and culture to the people of this city and has the potential to put Ottawa on the map in terms of arts and culture.
I feel like this city needs a festival like this.
It definitely stands apart and it has some momentum.
I think they should team up with the craft beer festival next year.

Claude Munson and the Storm Outside @ Mercury Lounge
Claude Munson and the Outside Storm will be playing in Saw Courtyard *FREE* at 5pm on August 17th.
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