Michael Feuerstack Talks About Arboretum Music + Arts Festival 2013

Arboretum Music + Arts Festival is happening this Friday and Saturday (August 16 and 17) and I couldn’t be any excited about it.
So I am trying to get a hold of the acts playing at this year’s festival and try to ask them a short Q&A.
Here is one with Michael Feuerstack.
How excited are you to be playing at the second annual Arboretum Festival?
Very excited – I think it will be a hoot the whole time. In fact, I’m going to go for both days.
Michael Feuerstack @ Raw Sugar Cafe

Are there any acts you are excited to see?
Oh gosh, is there any act I’m not stoked to see?!

Besides the acts, any of the food vendors, arts & crafts stuff you like to check out or do?
Again – I’m am just going to float around and take it all in.

What can we expect from your live set?
I will be joined by Nathan Gage and Mathieu Charbonneau on stage. Expect other guests too possibly. We’ll play mostly stuff from my newest record that came out in May.

What do you think a festival like this would be beneficial to the city?
How could it not be beneficial? A whole bunch of artists, craftspeople and chefs etc are getting together to celebrate and share what they do.
That benefits everyone who wants to be around it.

Snailhouse @ Pop Montreal's East Meats West
He will be playing in Waller Park at 1:20pm on August 17th.
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