Crown Lands, Skye Wallace and Rebelle @ Bronson Centre

Rocking Friday night at the Bronson Centre with Crown Lands, Skye Wallace and Rebelle.
Part of Rebel 101.7 Real Rock Concert Series and it was enjoyable night for alternative rock music.
The headliner Crown Lands performed some epic prog and psych-rock music.
Previewing new tracks from their upcoming album which will come out in 2022.
Definitely pleased the audience who needed to get out and enjoy the live music.
Crown Lands @ Bronson Centre
Second was Skye Wallace and it has been awhile since I last saw her perform.
Skye totally rocked it out with some exciting alterna-rock music from her self-titled album.
From the set, let’s hope for some new music in 2022.
Skye Wallace @ Bronson Centre
Starting off the show was Wakefield’s Rebelle.
They totally rocked it out on stage with their loud alterna-rock music.

Rebelle @ Bronson Centre

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