Dirty Beaches, Xiu Xiu & Father Murphy @ Mavericks [May 11, 2012]

It was one of those shows that I had to attend, on May 11, 2012.
The show was kind of like an “Asians Representing/Asian solidarity” kind of show.
There were a lot of other events happening that night, so at first I didn’t know of too many people going.
And for those who didn’t attend, they missed a great show.

Playing at the show were:
Dirty Beaches
Dirty Beaches @ Mavericks
Xiu Xiu
Xiu Xiu @ Mavericks
Father Murphy
Father Murphy @ Mavericks
The show started off with Father Murphy, a band from Italy (sometimes stated as New York, as one of the members used to live there).
It was a pretty intense mix of avant-garde and experimental, with no breaks making it a long set.
I was kind mesmerized at the quietness in Mavericks, as they normally have louder bands play; at one point, the set sounded kind of like a “Chinese Opera”.
Father Murphy @ Mavericks
Next was Xiu Xiu, who is touring in support of Always.
There were a lot of people there that were excited to see them, including me, as this was my first time.
It was a mix of experimental and dancey music, and the audience was very attentive during the whole set.
They covered New Order’s Ceremony, which got people moving, including me!
They ended with another cover, this time of Suicide’s Frankie Teardrop.
Man was that an intense song!
I was blown away by their entire set, in which I learned frontman Jamie Stewart likes chai tea, as I could smell it from the stage.

Before their set, Sarah and I got to interview Jamie and Angelina of Xiu Xiu.
They were very nice, and once I get someone to transcribe it, it will be up here.
Xiu Xiu @ Mavericks
Last was Dirty Beaches, who was accompanied by Shub Roy.
I was overjoyed to finally see him play in Ottawa, having missed out in 2010 and last year, where I caught him in Toronto and Montreal.
He started off with Lone Runner, and I think he did a different rendition of A Hundred Highway.
I was surprised that he played Horses from Badlands, as this was the first time I heard it live.
He included a cover of US Girl’s Red Ford Radio, and played Lord Knows Best, which I couldn’t help but sway  to.
After the encore ended, Alex aka Dirty Beaches carried Shub into the audience, which was quite different to see!
Overall, I couldn’t be any happier that I got see Dirty Beaches and Xiu Xiu live in Ottawa!

Here is a video I took during Dirty Beaches’ set.

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