Doohickey Cubicle – Don’t Fix Anything ;) [Streaming]

Today, Vancouver duo Doohickey Cubicle dropped their long awaited debut album called Don’t Fix Anything 😉
I’m just calling it a very cool dreamy synth-pop record that is a throwback to Zero 7 a-la Simple Things era.

About Don’t Fix Anything 😉 :
Recorded between Montreal and their home studio The Juniper Room, and self-produced as always, Don’t Fix Anything 😉 is without a doubt their most ambitious musical venture to date, with countless collaborations with notable artists, multiple single releases, remixes, and numerous additions to their already towering arsenal of music videos.

Made up of Alli Deleo on keys/vocals and Francis Hooper on guitar/synth – have been creating art in multiple mediums, and always from the ground up.

Beginning as a small project that mostly focused on self-recorded off-the-cuff late-night jams with humorous vocal improvisations, the group didn’t take themselves too seriously (hence the original, or current name).

Don’t Fix Anything 😉 gets:

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