Erik Jørgensen and Keturah Johnson at Zaphod Beeblebrox

I haven’t been to Zaphod’s Free Monday Music in awhile.
But I did tonight to support a singer-songwriter named Erik Jørgensen
Also I saw Keturah Johnson from Ottawa.
Erik Jørgensen @ Zaphods
It was a nice even of those two doing their solo set and singing their nice songs to those who were at the show.

The first singer was Keturah Johnson.
Her voice was amazing to hear.
I was with a friend and she sang a cover which happened to be Falling Slowing by Glen Hansard.
You got to check out this singer if you can.
Keturah Jonhson @ Zaphods
Erik as I would like to say is a Ottawa ex-pat living in Toronto.
He just released his 5-track EP called patience.
Sang all the five tracks from it.
Favorite being Slow Motion and Wait & See.
Great set he put on and loved he sang the covers of Coldplay’s Fix You and Oasis’s Wonderwall as a encore.

All I can say is you have to check these two artist.


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