Polish Party Palace Show

On August 8th I decided to hit up a unique venue which was the Polish Party Palace show down on Bank and Waverly in Ottawa.
I didn’t get a chance to see Nobunny and The White Wires.
If you want to see photos or other reviews of the two sets you got some options which are:

I only caught two bands which were:

I still have to say that the venue is very unique.
Must be a best kept secret?
The main hall felt like a high school auditorium.
Felt like I was transported back in the 1960s.
Even the washrooms was very European.
Polish Party Palace Show
The first band was Handsome Sexies.
Interesting to see the curtains roll up.
Music was very garagey rock.
Didn’t get the monkey mask.
Overall a interesting fun set.
Polish Party Palace Show
Lastly I got abit of the Rock N Roll Adventure Kids.
Very loud and fun.
Polish Party Palace Show
If I didn’t live in the westend I could have gotten to see The White Wires and No Bunny.

But it was worth to see friends I know and have a great time hanging with them for awhile.
Reminded of that scene from Back To The Future where the school dance was taking place and Michael J Fox was doing his crazy guitar riffs.

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