Eva Bee’s Jamboree with Ukrainia [Video]

Eva Bee's Jamboree @ Raw Sugar Cafe
It’s post-Easter.
Here is a new instalment of Eva Bee’s Jamboree.
This month the band being featured is Ukrainia.
Somehow I wished they spoke in Ukranian since kind loses it’s mystique of what they are as a band. (That is just my opinion :P)
If you haven’t seen them live, they play a crazy rock show and sing and speak in Ukranian during the show.
In case you have forgotten:
Eva Bee’s Jamboree is a local and seasonal cooking show with a musical twist!
Once a month she invites a musician to cook something for that month.

Eva Bee and Ukrainia made Potato pancakes.
Enjoy the video!

More info about Eva Bee’s Jamboree, click here
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