Evening Hymns & Andy Swan @ Raw Sugar Cafe [August 19, 2012]

It was a perfect Sunday evening with the rain on August 19th.
I was very excited for this show that took place at Raw Sugar Cafe.
Playing at the show:
Evening Hymns
Evening Hymns @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Andy Swan
Andy Swan @ Raw Sugar Cafe

The show was presented by Arboretum Music + Arts Festival. (That is taking place on September 15th)
It was also the album review for Evening Hymn’s Spectral Dusk.
Arboretum Festival sign @ Raw Sugar Cafe
The show started off with Andy Swan.
You can say he is a staple at Raw Sugar Cafe when he plays there.
He played a lovely acoustic set and was accompanied by John Higney(?).
Played tracks from his album “Ottawa” and forgot the name of the other ones.
Overall really enjoyed the set.
Andy Swan @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Then I was very eager for Evening Hymns to play.
It’s been awhile that Jonas and his crew has played in Ottawa.
They were out promoting the album Spectral Dusk.
Here is my Tweet and it was say all about the show.

You can say, I let my emotions get the better of me. 😛
But it was a brilliant performance.
Started off with Intro and transitioned to Arrows.
It was just so moving hearing it.
Other songs were Family Tree, You & Jake, Moon River, Cedars, Asleep in the Pews, Dead Deer, Cabin in the Burn and Spectral Dusk.
Words can’t explain it, if you were at the show.
It was absolutely an amazing show!
Evening Hymns @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Before the show, I decided to pick up an extra LP copy of Spectral Dusk.
If you want to win the album which is signed by the group, details are on here

Here are the rest of the photos.

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