Final Flash with Oceans and The Gallop @ Zaphods

Three bands played a great show from No Noise on May 6, 2010.
The bands were:

The Gallop had a few changes in the band.
Someone left the band and gain two new members.
Every time they play live their friends and families come in droves.
Shows they have a great local following but more difficult on myself to take a photograph.
Hopefully the band makes a CD soon.

Oceans was up next.
They are surely improving.
Great set the band put on.
One song they song, it almost sounded like Stars.
If you want to check out this band, they will be playing Bands Undone this Sunday and its free. But you have the email Bands Undone for details.

Lastly Final Flash played their set.
It was a great rocking set.
Loved that the lead singer had roses tied around the mic stand.
They played tracks off their album “Homeless” which is amazing.
Loved hearing “When The Day Turns Black” and “Precious Field”.
I was more captivated with their guitarist that had 18 strings.
It was a short set but I forgot that Final Flash only released a full length album.
The band members are really nice.

Overall it was a great show.

Rest of the photos.

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