Young Rival @ Mavericks

On May 7, 2010 I attended a show at Mavericks.
Young Rival @ Mavericks
Playing there was:

I was more excited to see Young Rival since it was a CD Release show.
I was really impress with their full-length album called LP which was reviewed awhile back.
The band put on a fun rocking set with a smoke machine.
Since it was a CD Release show, they played like every song from the new album.
They did play one from the EP which was “Your Island”.
They were amazing.
I missed out a few of the last songs like Authentic due to having to catch the bus.
But overall a great show.

The band will back in Ottawa when they will open up for Born Ruffians.

Here is the interview I did with the band.
Very informative knowing this word and funny.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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