Fireball Kid – Gas Station [Streaming]

Recently Montreal-based act Fireball Kid dropped his debut album called Gas Station via Wharf Records.
A fun party-pop vibe album to get your moving and shaking to the music.

About the album:
“The album speaks to the intrinsic kindness and emotional vulnerability of the rowdy Maritime (or broader rural Canadian) kitchen-party and its ‘let’s fuckin’ go bud!’ attitude,” said Fireball Kid’s Colin Ratchford (he/him).
“Having grown up in New Brunswick and moved to Montreal, I wanted to combine the instant kindness and good-times attitude of home with the seemingly endless potential for joy and celebration of the city I’ve adopted.”

“From the ghosts you encounter at a lakeside skinny dip or driving on a highway or smoking out back at a party, there’s so much real magic in moments that can be dismissed as like, getting hammered on the weekend,” Ratchford said. “When else do we feel so close to one another? When else are we making confessions and laughing so hard we fall over?”

Allusions to Ratchford’s hometown and current city, as well as the distance between them, abound on Gas Station, including “Bummed Out.”
“I wrote this two summers ago over a span of time that began with a very freeing break up and culminated in a life changing road trip across the country with new friends,” he said. “I speak about feeling gratitude for the comforts of friendship and growth that come in the weird haze of a hot transformative period. Now a full two summers later the song still reminds me of that special time.”

Gas Station gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.