Sadie Hell w/ The Love Machine and Wuhan Lipfight @ Club Saw

Sadie Hell Artwork

This is the first show of 2010 that I attended.
It was at Club Saw or Saw Gallery (whatever you like to call it).

Playing at the show were:

Still reeling in that its 2010, it was nice to see familiar face at the show.
They were telling me how they haven’t been to Club Saw in ages. How they haven’t done any shows except for art exhibition shows.
The first band to hit the stage was Wuhan Lipfight.
You can call it a Hollerado side project.
It features the lead singer and drummer of that band plus two females.
It was a rocking grungey with some vocals crazy show they put on.
Somehow I wanted them to play the chinese song since their name fittingly blends in but I guess that is mostly a Hollerado track.

The second band was The Love Machine.
There is no need for any introduction since I always feature them.
This time they were singing mostly the newer material.
Only one old song which was Cold City.
Most of them I heard at previous shows.
This time I just knew the song by heart and sang out loud.
Their new material is showing abit of a mature and seriousness with their sound.

Finally Sadie Hell was up.
Ben said that this is Sadie Hell 6.0 because there were two drummers, Dave the sax player, one bassist???, Mallory of Politique and May-Jun doing some backing vocals and guitar.
They finally released the long awaited debut album.
It was a CD/vinyl release show.
So they sang every track *I think its every track* of the album.
Even the hidden track was feature mostly in CD form.
Played a rocking version of Sadie Hell (which is a song title too), Onward Hop and Pedestrian.
The final song Sadie Hell sang was The Queen Of Babylon.
Ben said that he and his girlfriend wrote this song together.
Would have been great to see Jacquie and Liam of the Balconies there but they had other engagements and couldn’t be there.
Who knew it would be a surprise at the end.
At the end the Sadie Hell banner changed to “Will You Marry Me Colleen?
Everyone and myself who was at the show was surprised and happy about it.
It was a wonderful and priceless moment.
Guessing 2010 is starting off well. (Don’t want to jinx that)

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