Fryquency 1 Year Show with Fet. Nat, WTCHS and Grime Kings

Fryquency which is a monthly showcase featuring up and coming Canadian acts presented by Debaser and Weird Canada.
They just celebrated their one year anniversary by doing an “all ages” show.
It was definitely a fun, hot and sweaty show!
Fet. Nat blew the roof off with their experimental rock and noise music.
The band was playing materials from Poule Mange Poule.

First time for a Fet. Nat set to go all rowdy with the moshing by the kids in a crowded setting.
Fet. Nat @ Mugshots
WTCHS was the second band to play.
Glad to finally see them play since I missed them at a few times this year (minus Arboretum Festival).
Loved hearing their experimental dark noisy rock music.
While we have to wait until fall of 2015 for a full-length, we just have to enjoy their live sets.

WTCHS is just mind-blowing.
WTCHS @ Mugshots
Grime Kings was the first band to play.
Seems that Callum had some accident on his right arm.

But overall they played a great set of experimental pop rock music.
Grime Kings @ Mugshots
This was the best Fryquency show!
I guess all ages does make a big deal.
Let’s hope 2015 for more shows by them
Click below for more photos.

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